New patients – start here

Hi there,

I am excited to see you soon in the Let’s Eat! Speech Clinic.

If you haven’t made contact with us yet (and don’t have an appointment), please contact my secretary on 4940 6515. There is a waiting list but we have a wonderful new full time staff member starting in 2020 who will be able to see you soon. But you won’t get an appointment if you don’t contact us and get on the waiting list first.

If you do have an appointment, below is a few things to get you started with frequently asked questions…

What a feeding appointment for your baby or child will cost?

Click on this link – the costs vary for the initial appointment and follow up appointment costs differ slightly too. If you are confused, please feel free to follow up with our secretary on 4940 6515.

You don’t need a referral to see me but you can get a rebate back on your appointment if your GP signs an EPC medicare form or you have private health insurance (or your child is funded by the NDIS) : click on this link for more information.

Before you come, please fill out these forms (click the links below), they will make the appointment much more productive for you and your child. When you have finished filling out the forms, press “submit” and they will be emailed to me directly.

Food inventory form

Case history form

Where to come?

2/16 Christo road, Georgetown (corner of Christo road and Stephen avenue).

It’s 2 mins away from the Waratah Shops (Kmart 24 hours). When you are driving on Christo road, lookout for the “Newcastle dermatology” blue sign, it’s pretty big. Our building is next to it (near Jackgem Automotives). There is a parking block in front of these buildings where you can park. After you park, look out for my Let’s Eat kangaroo sign or the Ability Focus Occupational therapy (it’s bigger).

What to bring to your first appointment?

1. Background medical and feeding history information such as blue books, medical and allied health reports.

2. A range of food and drink for your child eg yoghurt (purée), fruit (eg banana, apple), vegetables (eg Carrot sticks), sandwich and water. Ideally bring a selection of food your child eats well and foods they struggle with or refuse to eat.

If your child is a baby, then please bring bottles (if using), formula or expressed breast milk and dummies (if using). I have a kettle and can heat up bottles as needed.

3. A video of your child eating (or bottle feeding) at home with the family – a quick video on your phone is ideal.

4. Rebate paperwork eg Medicare EPC GP letters ($52.95 rebate for 5 calendar allied health sessions/year). This needs to be organised with your GP before your feeding appointment. Unfortunately a Paediatrician cannot sign this form – only a GP.

And after that, we will meet! so I can answer any questions you have. Payment is required on the day and you can bring cash or use your credit card (Mastercard or Visa). I will send you your receipt via email and then you can claim via medicare or private health insurance.

You will receive a feeding plan for your child on the day of your appointment and a report within 2 weeks of your appointment. After this time, I will schedule a (free) phone call to touch base and check in with you. This phone call is to review the feeding plan from the initial appointment and make a follow up appointment if required.

Please be on time as I often have appointments booked after your child’s appointment. If you are lost or can’t find me, please call my secretary on 4940 6515.

If you can’t make the appointment, we would really appreciate at least 48 hours notice as there are little babies waiting for urgent appointments and we need to give their parents as much notice as possible. Thanks for understanding! You can text me directly (after hours) if you need to cancel your child’s appointment – 0434 387 675.

See you in clinic soon 🙂

Val (Paediatric Feeding Speech Pathologist)