Appointment fees

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Please bring the following to your first appointment-

1. Background medical and feeding history information such as blue books, medical and allied health reports.

2. A range of food and drink for your child eg yoghurt (purée), fruit (eg banana, apple), vegetables (eg Carrot sticks), sandwich and water. Ideally bring a selection of food your child eats well and foods they struggle with or refuse to eat.

3. A video of your child eating at home with the family – a quick video on your phone is ideal.

4. Rebate paperwork eg Medicare EPC GP letters ($52.95 rebate for 5 calendar allied health sessions/year). This needs to be organised with your GP before your feeding appointment.

Complex feeding assessments may require 2 appointments and some parents/carers may also prefer to attend by themselves first and then attend a second appointment with their child. This may allow them time to speak about their feeding concerns for their child without their child present. This can be negotiated at the time of booking.

If you are using NDIS to pay for your child's appointment, it is essential that you let your planner know that your child needs to be allocated 2 hours for the feeding assessment and 1 hour for a detailed report (strongly recommended by our Speech Pathology association regulations).

We suggest that you use the first appointment to come by yourself (parents/carers) to review the background medical and feeding history and then book a second appointment to assess your child's feeding skills and develop a plan. This works best for children who often get bored/tired/upset in long appointments or parents who are not keen to talk about their child's feeding issues in front of them.

If lengthy follow up consultation time is required with your Paediatrician or school, additional time will also be requested. This will need to be approved by your planner BEFORE your appointment. Generally it is a good idea to allocate 3-4 hours assessment time on your child's plan.

Please understand that the reason NDIS eligible families (self funded or via portal) are charged the higher NDIS rate (1st July 2018 - $179.26/hour) is because of the added complexity of your child's feeding needs and additional team communication (phone or email) required.  If you have any questions, please speak with Val, she always goes above and beyond with all of their patients particularly those that require additional work related to their feeding complexity. 

Lastly if your child requires documented feeding therapy goals and plans for their school or Modified Barium Swallow requests to the hospital, time and payment will be requested to complete this additional paperwork. Thank you for understanding that this paperwork can be very time consuming.

Any additional NDIS feeding review letters requested by your planner will also be charged. Whilst the FaHCSIA “Better Start” package will fund feeding interventions, the “Working with Children with Autism” Package will not and therefore you will need to use other sources of funding to pay for your feeding appointments.

Lastly if your child has allergies that require specialised foods and drink, you will be required to bring food for all sessions after a risk assessment is completed. We apologise for the inconvenience but your child's safety is our upmost concern.