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Feeding Programs

Let’s Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology develops feeding programs according to the needs of your child. We are happy to work with what you would like – intensive weekly sessions, fortnightly sessions or review programs as you need it.

Our team has completed several postgraduate feeding programs including workshops with well known feeding experts including Susanne Evans Morris, Dr Joan Arvedson, Ellyn Satter (Division of responsibility), Gen Jereb (Sensory training), Dr Pamela Dodrill & Jeanne Marshall (ASD specific feeding workshops) and Dr Kay Toomey & Dr Erin Ross (The SOS approach to Feeding).

A standard session will cover:

– Progress (from assessment goals and feeding plan)

– Feeding observation (where you may be asked to bring some food for your child)

– Updated feeding plan and goals written for you at the end of the session summarising all strategies discussed

Feeding is complex and therefore all appointments are 1 hour long, if you require longer, please let me know.

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