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Feeding Assessments

Feeding assessments can generally take between one hour to 3 hours but more importantly can be tailored to suit your concerns and your child’s needs. Some parents prefer to meet with me first for a background history appointment so that they can discuss their feeding concerns without their child overhearing them and then have a second appointment to meet their child.¬†Other families are happy to cover everything in one appointment. We are happy to work with you on what suits you and your child best and we would love to see a video of how your child is eating at home with the family if possible (iPhones are handy for getting a quick video!)

So what type of feeding and swallowing difficulties do I treat?

The Let’s Eat team is specialised in assessing and treating babies and children with a range of feeding and swallowing difficulties including:

* Difficulties with breast or bottle feeding: attachment, sucking and swallowing

* Transitioning through solids e.g. puree to lumps

* Gagging on lumpy foods or finger foods

* General refusal of specific food types e.g. lumpy foods or food groups (e.g. crunchy foods)

* Difficulties chewing certain foods or swallowing liquids

* Fussy eating or behavioural challenges related to eating and meals

* Oral sensory or oral aversion difficulties with meals

* Transitioning from tube feeds (e.g. NGT, PEG) to oral feeds

* Drooling/saliva control

* Tongue thrust or tongue tie

* Feeding difficulties commonly associated with Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome and Developmental delays

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