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Founded by Valerie Gent, Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology is a Newcastle based Private Paediatric Feeding intervention service for babies and children from birth to adolescence.

Feeding difficulties in babies and children can be very stressful for parents as well as their child. The goal of Let's Eat! is to empower the family to be able to understand and respond to the feeding difficulties their child may present with. Treatment is clinic based but home and school visits can be arranged with an additional travel fee.

Valerie is passionate about feeding difficulties, she loves working with families in a practical and team focused way.

We look forward to working with you too!

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Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology21 hours ago
Let’s eat! Speech will be closed tomorrow (all clients notified) as my son’s school is closed.

Please check this link below for the most up to date advice around school closure and contact your school for further details.


The app below is also great to get up to date fire advice. And if you are in a risk area up north, starting thinking about computer back up drives, insurance paperwork, valuables and kids precious toys and clothes.

Thanks to all of my patients for being so understanding! Thinking of all our amazing SES and fire crew who work tirelessly to keep us safe.

Stay safe everyone 🔥 🚒 Val
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology5 days ago
Do you want to know more about the role of a speech pathologist in fussy eating. Listen to a great podcast by our association @SpeechPathologyAustralia with Dr Julie Cichero - https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/speak-up/id1472296991?i=1000456054032
Great Podcast! Val #letseatspeech #fussyeating
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology6 days ago
If you can start meal style serving early at this age, you will open the door to more variety and a less stressful (normal) 2 year old fussy eating stage.

It will be messy but well worth it for feeding, fine motor skills and language. Not to mention a positive outlook on sharing a meal around the table. 🥭🍒🥬🥦 Val #letseatspeech #divisionofresponsibility #SDOR
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
SBS Australia
Would you let a two-year-old choose what goes on their plate? These toddlers have been peeling their fruit, choosing their portion sizes and assisting in clearing the table after their meal.
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology1 week ago
Helping children explore fruit can be tricky especially if they don’t eat any!

I had a wonderful mother share her thermomix “fruit dream soft serve ice cream”
recipe with me which I tried successfully with a teenager (with restricted/extreme picky eating). He was able to make the recipe quite independently using his mum’s thermomix. She and I were his trusty sidekicks. Which I just loved because it empowered him in the kitchen.

Better yet- the recipe is just fruit, sugar (optional- we added it) and an egg white. Delicious, soft and yes dreamy!!!

We made a mixed berry one below and he would like to try a mango one next. #winning

Recipe with thanks to this generous mum

80 g raw sugar
600 - 650 g seasonal fruit (e.g. blueberries, peaches, mangos), frozen, cut into pieces (3-4 cm) as needed
1 egg white (can use 70g natural yoghurt or thick coconut cream instead)


1. Place raw sugar into mixing bowl and mill 10 sec/speed 9.

2. Add seasonal fruit and chop 1 min/speed 10, with aid of spatula. Scrape down sides and bottom of mixing bowl with spatula to loosen mixture.

3. Process an additional 20 sec/speed 8 if required.
Insert butterfly whisk. Add egg white or yoghurt or coconut cream and mix 1 min/speed 4 or until a soft and smooth conistency is achieved.

4. Serve immediately or place into the freezer in a freezable container until ready to serve.

Definitely making this again for my kids and some fruit learning clients. Have a fun “dreamy” 😉 fruit filled Tuesday xo Val 🥭🍒🍓🥑🥥🍌

#letseatspeech #fussyeating #feedingtherapy
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology2 weeks ago
November 1st and less than 30 days before the early bird price closes for our feeding workshop next year.

Why should you consider it? Simple- 3 top reasons

1. Practical strategies to start right now- we teach you to look holistically at the family and child to individualise your therapy strategies for THAT family. 👶👧🏽🧒🏼

2. We will show you how we incorporate all 12 feeding programs out there into real cases. SOS? ABA? DOR? And more- which one is a good match for which child and how to decide which one you should focus your money into getting further training. With experienced team of OT, Dietitian and Doctor presenting with us- you are going to get a jam packed theory and practical day with different perspectives and approaches 📚 📖 🍉🍓

3. We have 35 years (together) experience in paediatric feeding. We both run successful feeding only private practices with waiting lists. What we do works and for the first time ever- we are sharing our feeding templates and strategies with you. 🥦🥕🥬🍐🍎

See you in Sydney #feedingtherapyaustralia #feeding2020

Val and Debbie- Feeding Therapy Australia

Let’s Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Feeding Kids Sydney

Booking link- https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/66148541067?aff=efbneb

PDF of agenda and day in comments.