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Founded by Valerie Gent, Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology is a Newcastle based Private Paediatric Feeding intervention service for babies and children from birth to adolescence.

Feeding difficulties in babies and children can be very stressful for parents as well as their child. The goal of Let's Eat! is to empower the family to be able to understand and respond to the feeding difficulties their child may present with. Treatment is clinic based but home and school visits can be arranged with an additional travel fee.

Valerie is passionate about feeding difficulties, she loves working with families in a practical and team focused way.

We look forward to working with you too!

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Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology1 day ago
We did it - we transferred an entire feeding practice to Telehealth and do you know what? The kids loved it.

Sure, there were some sessions that need to be adjusted so they are at a "just right" level for the kids. And I had some internet issues (having a family of 4 using the same internet line did challenge me!) but all of our patients and their parents coped. Thank you for being such troopers!

Together we had kids cooking, chewing and tasting new purees in my sessions;

Ashleigh empowered parents with making changes in home feeding routines and empowered them to step up to "being the change maker" at home with feeding therapy.

Man oh Man - you parents rock! Thank you - it's been a BIG week for you and us. We stand up and clap for all of you - who are juggling work, home schooling and supporting kids with special needs. You are doing AN AMAZING JOB!

See you all next week - Ash is busy getting her cooking session ready (it's going to be brilliant!) 🙂

Val and Ash
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology3 days ago
Each week, Ashleigh and I are going to do a cooking video with you to try with your fussy eater. Starting with beige and crunchy foods (to broaden their range) and moving forward in coming months. First up- popcorn! Healthy wholegrain afternoon snack 🍿 😋 Val
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology1 week ago
I love the silver linings in every day, it keeps us all going in these hard and new times.

Mine? I came out of the shower this morning and my boys are busy connecting up my laptop to our computer screen so I can work more efficiently. Love their thoughtfulness 💕

What is your silver lining? let’s keep this positive thread going.... Val

Ps- yes that’s a tablecloth over a bunnings table because hubby and I share an office and after 1 day... seriously that was never going to work 🤣
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology1 week ago
So many of us feel stressed- so many of us are anxious. All of which are very normal feelings in this current climate.
This video by Dr. Shefali is just what we need right now. Hang in there parents, we have so much to be grateful for, focus on that energy and connection with your child. Let’s hold our kids a bit longer, play a game of their choice with them and focus on that present time with them. X Val
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Dr. Shefali
CALLING ALL PARENTS!!! This is the greatest lesson you can teach your children during COVID-19. Tag a parent if you agree ❤ Video by @iamsarahsnow
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology2 weeks ago
When it rains, there are always rainbows. My beautiful employee Ashleigh gave me this de-stress package... isn’t she one of the most thoughtful people ever? I am so grateful for her presence in our team.

Thank you to all our clients who we have rung so far- your support of our small business with giving Telehealth a go and trying to continue ongoing sessions virtually (and in person for the next 2 days) is so appreciated. I cannot thank you enough for the laughs and supportive words on the phone today 🙏🏻

Working together, we will get through this! We will be as creative as we can in coming months to support your child’s feeding progress. Home programs, worksheets, phone coaching sessions with parents, short quick activities around food for your kids, food play sessions, cooking- let’s get your kids making dinner meals! - we will help you maintain routine around food with your child.

When kids are home all day, they tend to graze, food jag and decrease their intake of fruit and vegetables. We will support you with helping them find a balance. Some chocolate is good (and delicious!!) - just not chocolate all day.

So much love and thanks your way xo Val