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Founded by Valerie Gent, Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology is a Newcastle based Private Paediatric Feeding intervention service for babies and children from birth to adolescence.

Feeding difficulties in babies and children can be very stressful for parents as well as their child. The goal of Let's Eat! is to empower the family to be able to understand and respond to the feeding difficulties their child may present with. Treatment is clinic based but home and school visits can be arranged with an additional travel fee.

Valerie is passionate about feeding difficulties, she loves working with families in a practical and team focused way.

We look forward to working with you too!

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Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology1 day ago
I spend all day in clinic cooking with kids and sometimes (hands up- I confess), I struggle to find time to cook with my own kids.

But when i do pause and cook together, I remind myself to let them create mess and not jump in to “make it perfectly”. It’s these times that I remember that it doesn’t matter if you have a great eater or a fussy eater- all kids love being involved and having the opportunity to take the lead with cooking (and eating)!

Chicken rice paper rolls for dinner made proudly by my 8 year old son. He has done a fantastic job 🙌

Val - #letseatspeech
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology4 days ago
Less than 2 weeks until the early bird price ends on our feeding workshop for professionals.... below is why we think you should come.

Which professional courses have you done? SOS? DOR? ABA?

Do you find yourself wondering if there is more you could do?

Did you know there are 12 feeding programs out there to help children with feeding and fussy eating problems?

Come join us, for 2 full days of feeding therapy, presented with an OT, Dietitian and Doctor.

We have 35 years (combined) feeding experience and run busy feeding only practices with waiting lists. And for the first time, we are sharing our templates and strategies with you.

What we do works! Get ready to look at real case studies with videos, review clinical evidence and hear honest feedback from parents.

Eventbrite link and agenda in the comments. Early bird price finishes on 30.11.19- get in quick!

See you in Sydney
Val Gent and Debbie Alvarez
Feeding Kids Sydney

Let’s Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology - Newcastle
Feeding Kids Sydney
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology7 days ago
Not a feeding post but one about love- anger and the importance of circle of security with your child.

I often hear of children with special needs including ASD show anger in breaking things. I feel for those kids and parents. As a therapist, it’s hard to really understand and so I can only be there in that moment for that parent who tells me about it in their grief and sadness.

This is the post I will now think about when I hear of similar stories again- take care parents, this is tough BIG emotional stuff - for you and your child.


- Val #letseatspeech
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology1 week ago
Let’s eat! Speech will be closed tomorrow (all clients notified) as my son’s school is closed.

Please check this link below for the most up to date advice around school closure and contact your school for further details.


The app below is also great to get up to date fire advice. And if you are in a risk area up north, starting thinking about computer back up drives, insurance paperwork, valuables and kids precious toys and clothes.

Thanks to all of my patients for being so understanding! Thinking of all our amazing SES and fire crew who work tirelessly to keep us safe.

Stay safe everyone 🔥 🚒 Val
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology
Let's Eat! Paediatric Speech Pathology2 weeks ago
Do you want to know more about the role of a speech pathologist in fussy eating. Listen to a great podcast by our association @SpeechPathologyAustralia with Dr Julie Cichero - https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/speak-up/id1472296991?i=1000456054032
Great Podcast! Val #letseatspeech #fussyeating